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·         What do the rooms look like and what is the room capacity for each?

        For your viewing pleasure, each room is highlighted on the website.  We have small rooms for as few as two to 20 people or the entire 
        Club may accommodate as many as 600 people.  For all of your special occasions, we have the perfect room.   

Is there parking available at the City Club?

             We have parking accessible to all members and guests.  There is a minimal fee for parking that may be billed directly to your event. 

Are there room fees?

     Room fees are applicable to all of our private rooms.  We are happy to discuss which room is most suitable for your group.

How do we reserve a room?

         In order to reserve one of our private dining rooms, you may contact one of our private party coordinators to assist you.

Do we have to be a member to use the Club?

   There are two different options when wishing to utilize the Club for an event when you are not a member.  You may either be sponsored by a member or    
        become an Associate Member. 

Is there an automatic service charge applied to the events?

      A 20% service charge will be automatically applied to all events.

Will you be able to provide AV equipment, flowers, linen, etc.?

    Yes, we are able to provide you with any specialty equipment or decorations you may need for your event.

Does the Club have wireless access? 

   Yes, wireless access is available throughout the Club.

What is your dress code?

         During the day, business attire or business casual attire is required.  During the evening, business attire is required and jackets are recommended; ties are 
      optional.  Shorts, jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes are not considered appropriate.